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Anna Nyakana LIVE @ Mission of Uganda to the United Nations

It was my great honor to celebrate and perform for Uganda's 50th year of Independence, the Golden Jubilee, with the Mission of Uganda to the United Nations in New York! Wishing all Ugandans back home and in the Diaspora another prosperous 50 years; here's to more development, productivity, and innovation for Uganda! May Uganda triple its advances in education, healthcare, foreign relations, and economic growth!

A special thanks to Arthur Kafeero, Margaret A. Kafeero, Duncan Laki. and John Mugerwa at the Mission of Uganda to the United Nations.


Anna Nyakana with Arthur Kafeero, Minister Counsellor, Mission of Uganda to the United Nations, N.Y.C.


Anna Nyakana with Margaret A. Kafeero, First Secretary, Mission of Uganda to the United Nations, N.Y.C.


Anna Nyakana with Duncan Laki, First Secretary, Mission of Uganda to the United Nations, N.Y.C.


Anna Nyakana with Julius Mutekanga, 2012 Olympic Athlete, N.Y.C.


Anna Nyakana with Richard E. Ottoo, Assitant Professor of Finance, PACE University, N.Y.C.

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Anna Nyakana in Community Auditions Finals in MGM Grand @ Foxwoods Resort & Casino Airs THIS Weekend

Hey Everyone,
First let me say thank you for all of your votes, I totaled almost 90,000 votes and made it into the finals!!! I taped my Finals' episode back in December and it airs this weekend in New England states. For those not in New England, I hope to include some footage online very soon. Please find the TV Schedule below and some Q&A from my interview with the producers of Community Auditions about making it into the finals.
- Anna

TV Schedule 

Friday, August 6th - WSBK TV38 (Boston DMA): 9:30PM
Saturday, August 7th -WBZ TV4 (Boston DMA): 12:00AM
Saturday, August 7th -WNAC TV "My R.I. TV" (Providence DMA): 12:00PM
Saturday, August 7th -WPXT TV Portland's CW (Portland ME DMA): 10:00PM
Sunday, August 8th -WWLP TV-22 (Springfield MA DMA): 12:00AM
Sunday, August 8th -WBZ TV4 (Boston DMA): 12:30AM
Sunday, August 8th -WCTX TV (Hartford/New Haven CT DMA): 10:30AM
Sunday, August 8th -WPXT TV Portland's CW (Portland ME DMA): 12:00PM

Anna Nyakana
Hometown: Stamford, CT

How do you feel about competing in the Finals?
“I feel honored to be competing in the finals, music has been my passion since I was a small child living in Germany. After performing in only two episodes my fans and supporters from around the world voted me into the finals, so I want to send a special thanks to them including my family in Uganda, Africa (webare munonga – thank you very much!). Being in the finals is not just for me but for all of them as well.”
Why do you think you should win?
“At this stage in the competition, some might say it’s all about winning. For me, it’s about performing a song that the people will feel, a song that will inspire rather than influence. Throughout this competition, I have only performed songs that I have written and composed.”
Who would you say has most inspired you?
“Bob Marley has most inspired me for his music woke my consciousness. The messages in his songs inspired me to keep true music alive and write songs that can relate to the masses; people from all walks of life.”
How long have you been performing?
I have been performing since Elementary School, when my family and I immigrated to the States. I always participated in school concerts and musicals and began playing the clarinet at age 8. At age 15, I taught myself how to play the guitar and classical piano.
What would you like to be doing five years from now?
“Five years from now, I would like to be inspiring people around the world to pursue their dreams, live in harmony, and create positive changes around them, despite their circumstances, through my music.”
What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
“Being featured on the front cover of the Uganda Observer, printed in Kampala, Uganda. My father is from Uganda and that newspaper showed me the support I had across the world from the country and continent that also claim me as their daughter.”

Anna Nyakana Wins Star of the Day for Community Auditions Show @ Foxwood's Casino & Resort

4-25-10 Anna Nyakana at Foxwoods Casino & Resort holding her Star of the Day from winning her episode of "Community Auditions" 

I won the Star of the Day for the episode I competed in for the acclaimed singing competition "Community Auditions" taped at Foxwoods Casino & Resort! My performance will air the weekend of June 25th through 27th on the following stations and times in New England:
Friday June 25th on WSBK TV 38 (Boston DMA) @ 9:30pm  
Saturday June 26th on WBZ TV 4 (Boston DMA) @12:00am 
Saturday June 26th on WNAC TV “My R.I. TV” (Providence DMA) @ 11:30am 
Saturday June 26th on WPXT TV Portland’s CW (Portland ME DMA) @ 10:00pm 
Sunday June 27th on WWLP TV-22 (Springfield MA DMA) @ 12:00am
Sunday June 27th on WBZ TV 4 (Boston DMA) @ 12:30am
Sunday June 27th on WCTX TV “myTV 9” (Hartford/New Haven CT DMA) @ 10:30am 

 You can also catch my performance on the community auditions web site and YouTube page when they post it the weekend of June 25th.

Anna Nyakana's Performance @ Penn State University - Lion's Eye Newspaper

"Soulful Singer Visits Brandywine"
By Nancy Perone
Lion’s Eye World & Local Editor

Singer Anna Nyakana poses with the Brandywine Lioness on a beautiful spring day. Nyakana treated students at Brandywine with her soulful acoustic music during a recent Common Hour. (photo courtesy Anna Nyakana)


“Do you hear it calling / Don’t know if you should go but you want to sail away from this.” These lyrics, from the song Islands of Redemption, are the work of Connecticut’s Anna Nyakana. Nyakana performed not only new songs but some from her 2007 self-titled debut album for Penn State Brandywine students on April 1, 2010. Playing both the acoustic guitar and piano, she treated visitors to the Lion’s Den to a 13-song set, plus an encore of another original song, Don’t Tell Me.

The 23 year old singer/songwriter who was born in Berlin, Germany is fluent in Russian, German, and Myankole. Myankole is a dialect of the Ankole tribe in Southwestern Uganda, where her father hails. Growing up, Anna says her father exposed her to the musical talents of Chaka Khan, Bob Marley, and Congolese music. Her mother, who is Moldavian, plays seven different instruments and can also be named as an influence to her daughter.

The soulful, love-song crooner, whose sound is very reminiscent of Alicia Keys, has many of her own musical influences, as well. Nyakana gravitates towards people who sing with a message, such as reggae, ska, the likes of Bob Marely, Corrine Bailey Rae, Otis Redding, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Jimmy Cliff. The classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist has appeared on shows such as NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show and won the Starbucks Music Makers Competition online vote.

While Anna is strictly a singer and a songwriter, she is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business/Management so that she can continue to shape her career as co-CEO of Voice of the People (VOP) Entertainment. If you missed her performance at Penn State, you can watch her perform at the world's largest casino "Foxwoods Resort & Casino" for Community Auditions, which is a regional singing competition. The show is taped live and later televised throughout New England and clips will be available online at on which viewers can vote. Winners of Community Auditions receive a recording contract. You can also sample this talented artist’s music on her website, On the website there are also links to her MySpace and YouTube pages, as well as the option to purchase her music on iTunes.

Anna Nyakana on CBS's "Better Connecticut"

Thank you to all the viewers that tuned in to watch me perform live on CBS's "Better Connecticut."


Myself with hosts Kara Sundlun & Scot Haney

Anna Nyakna LIVE on Boston's FOX 25 Morning News

Watch my live performance of my new single "Islands of Redemption" on FOX 25 Morning News, Boston, MA.



Myself with hosts Gene Lavanchy & Kim Carrigan


Anna Nyakana LIVE on CN8's Backstage with Barry Nolan

Watch my live performance of my new single "Make It Someday" and Interview on CN8'S Backstage with Barry Nolan, Boston, MA



Myself with co-host Sara Edwards


Skope Magazine February Feature Interview

I was recently interviewed by Stoli Razz of Skope Magazine! Skope, the premiere music magazine, covers artists from Indie Rock to Rap and everything in between. Offering the latest entertainment, music, and cultural news Skope helps you stay in the loop. 

Visit the link below or scroll down to read the full interview:

"Stoli Razz Has Deep Conversation with Anna Nyakana"


February 29, 2008

Stoli: What type of mood do you have to be in to create new music?

Anna: Personally, I feel the process of creating music is not defined by my mood. I create my music based on different situations that I, or others, may have gone through, so the masses can relate to it.

Stoli: What happened in your life that let you know you wanted a career in music?

Anna: Nothing in particular happened in my life to let me know I was going to have a career in music; I believe music chose me. I know that I am destined to create music and use it to unite all people.

Stoli: If someone was to ask what was special about your sound, what would you tell them?

Anna: I would tell them that what I think is special is the personal connection the fan discovers in my music. That is most important to me.

Stoli: Have your parents & family been supportive of your career endeavors in music?

Anna: Very much so! I can remember when I only performed live shows in the kitchen for my family. They were supportive then and have continued to be to this day.

Stoli: You have some major appearances coming up in Boston, what are you looking to display to the Boston viewers?

Anna: First, let me say that I am looking forward to returning to Boston and its rich music scene. I will be displaying what I love to do and that is to Keep True Music Alive. I will be on Comcast "Backstage with Barry Nolan" on March 11th at 8 pm as well as FOX 25 Morning News on April 11th.

Anna Nyakana LIVE on Philadelphia's NBC's The 10! Show

Watch my live performance of "Just a Day" and Interview on NBC'S The 10! Show, Philly, PA 



Myself with hosts Lori & Bill

Anna Nyakana on CT's Cablevision 12's "Our Lives"

Thank you to all the viewers that tuned in to watch me perform live on Cablevision 12's "Our Lives" hosted by Gwen Edwards.


Myself with host Gwen Edwards

Anna Nyakana Interview for Kampala, Uganda's The Ugandan Observer

Print edition of my interview in the Ugandan Observer released in Kampala, Uganda.


Watch my full interview with Fred Kirunji of the Uganda Observer below!

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